Sun. Apr 18th, 2021

Month: December 2018


The Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development, informs the public, the operators and the owners of pressure vessels that the following companies, holders of an approval to the controls, expertise and regulatory checks of pressure vessels gas and water vapor pressure, comply with the provisions of decree N ° 99/819 / PM of November 9, 1999 setting the conditions of approval of natural or legal persons to the controls, expertise and regulatory audits of pressure vessels of gas and water vapor pressure.
Therefore, those companies are authorized to carry out the inspections, expertises and regulatory audits of gas pressure and steam pressure equipment



Personne physique ou morale Adresse Référence Agrément
01 ABENANDONGO BP 590 Limbé Arrêté N° 000933/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 23 septembre 2016
02 AEROFEU AFRIQUE BP 1738 Douala Arrêté N° AR-000727/A/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 20 juin 2017
03 AGATRUST BP 16305 Yaoundé Arrêté N°00086/AR/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 20 janvier 2017
04 AMG ENGINEERING SARL Yaoundé Arrêté N° 001328/A/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI du 28 novembre 2017
05 APAVE CAMEROUN BP 438 Douala Arrêté N°009746/ MINMIDT/SC/DI/SDRI/SAP du 09 décembre2015
06 BABA ABDOULAYE MAZADOU BP 85 Ngaoundéré Arrêté N° 000611/A/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 23 mai 2017
07 BCOG BP 11953 Douala Arrêté N° 01118/AR/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 06 décembre 2016
08 BFT BUSINESS SARL BP 5650 Yaoundé Arrêté N°AR001409/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 31 décembre 2017
10 BUREAU VERITAS BP: 830 Douala Arrêté N°00588/M 1NM1DT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 15 janvier 2016
11 CABINET BERCI SARL BP 4838 Yaoundé Arrêté N°004889/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 10 juillet 2015
12 CABINET GESTOR BP 5869 Yaoundé Arrêté N°AR00685/A/MINIMIDT/SG/nba/onh du 12 juin 2017
13 CAMEROON ALERT SYSTEM BP 3147 Douala Arrêté N° 00135/AR/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 09 février 2017
14 CAMEXSARL BP 4235 Yaoundé Arrêté N°02341/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 08 avril 2014
15 CARE CONSULTING SARL BP 15315 Yaoundé Arrêté N°000094/M 1NM1 DT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 23 février 2017
16 CEDIFI BP 1165 Douala Arrêté N° AR000221/M1N M1 DT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 24 mars 2016


17 CEGELEC CAMEROUN BP 4507 Douala Arrêté N°001221/A/MINMIDT/SG/DI/jaM du 31 octobre 2017
18 CHALLENGE LTD BP 582 Limbé Arrêté N°001017/AR/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 20 octobre 2016
19 CREATIV GROUP BP 3288 Douala Arrêté N°004142/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 11 Juin 2015
20 DAGO CONSULT BP 6228 Yaoundé Arrêté N°AR001262/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 13 novembre 2017
21 E.l.l BP 3453 Douala Arrêté N° 000150/AR/MINMIDT/SG/DI du 07 mars 2018
22 EPISEMA BP 11195 Douala Arrêté N°001555/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 16 juillet 2013
24 ERTI SERVICES BP 7767 Douala Arrêté N°001129/AR/MINMIDT/SG/DI/onh du 28 septembre 2017
25 ETABLISSEMENT BIEVER BP 1232 Douala Arrêté N°AR 000700/A/MINMIDT/SG/nba/onh du 17 juin 2017
26 ETICAM BP 33325 Yaoundé Arrêté N°007110/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 10 décembre 2015
27 ETS DJO INDUSTRY Douala Arrêté N°001196/AR/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 30 décembre 2016
29 FIRST TECHNICAL COMPANY BP 590 Limbé Arrêté N°000706/A/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 20 juin 2017
30 GAZELLE SARL BP 12685 Douala Arrêté N°00107A/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 16 novembre 2016
31 GIMERC BP 14409 Yaoundé Arrêté N°00917/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 15 septembre 2016
32 GIST AFRIQUE BP 24 098 Douala Arrêté N° 005082/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 02 juillet 2015
33 GLC INTERNATIONAL BP 1087 Douala Arrêté N°009760/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 10 décembre 2015
34 HORIZON BUSINESS AND CONSULTING BP 10369 Douala Arrêté N°000275/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 05 avril 2016
35 HYDRAC S.A BP 12 806 Douala Arrêté N° AR 000414/MINMIDT/SC/DI/SDRI/SAP du 11 mai 2016
36 I.T.S BP 15 002 Arrêté N° 0393/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI du 13 août 2013
37 ICORETTI BP 7858 Douala Arrêté N° 000873/MlNMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 29 août 2016
38 IN ET CO BP 2243 Douala Arrêté N°000447/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 24 mai 2016
39 JOCKY ET FILS BP 510 Yaoundé Arrêté N°AR000918/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP dul5/09/2016
40 MAXIMUM SERVICE BP 4473 Douala Arrêté N° 00116/AR/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 21 décembre 2016
41 MICROTECH CONSULTING BP 1897 Garoua Arrêté N° 000914/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 15 septembre 2016
42 MIRE WORLD SARL BP 4149 Yaoundé Arrêté N° 001354/A/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 11 décembre 2017
43 MOOKS MEKANIK S.A BP 7606 Douala Arrêté N°AR 001056/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 08 novembre 2016
44 NIMIR SARL BP 16 022 Yaoundé Arrêté N° 00138/A/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 02 mars 2018
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45 NJECK DIVINE AZAAH BP 590 Limbé Arrêté N° 000932/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 23 septembre 2016
46 P.I.S.E BP 329 Limbé Arrêté N°000142/MINMIDT/S6/DI/SDRI/SAP du 20 septembre 2016
47 PEMSEC BP 2106 Douala Arrêté N° 006341/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 02 octobre 2014
48 PETRO SERVICES SARL BP 25015 Douala Arrêté N°000426/MI NMI DT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 12 mai 2016
50 PETROLEUM CONSULTING CENTER BP 12776 Douala Arrêté N°AR001146/A/MINMIDT/SG/DI/onh du 09 octobre 2017
51 PLUTON SERVICE BP 1845 Yaoundé Arrêté N°009748/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 09 décembre 2015
52 PRIORITE-PROTECTION- PREVENTION (3P) BP 6678 Douala Arrêté N°006512/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 27 août 2015
53 PROAFRIC BP 20299 Yaoundé Arrêté N°000728/A/M 1N M1DT/SG/D l/SDR l/SAP du 20 Juin 2017
54 S.A.E BP 1731 Douala Arrêté N°AR001438/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 02 janvier 2018
55 S.G.S CAMEROUN BP 13144 Douala Arrêté N° 0470/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 02 novembre 2011
56 SAFETY PETROLEUM Douala Arrêté N°008260/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 21mars 2017
57 SAMIN S.A BP 12 424 Douala Arrêté N° 001425/A/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 21 décembre 2017
58 SIPN BP 24 007 Douala Arrêté N’ 001107/A/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP/jaM du 26 septembre 2017
59 SOCATAM BP 3941 Douala Arrêté N* 006513/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 27 août 2015
60 SOCIETE AFRIQUE CONSEILS SARL BP 18 017 Yaoundé Arrêté N° 01456/A/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 11 janvier 2018
61 SODIP BP 1814 Douala Arrêté N”006342/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 02 octobre 2014
62 SOGA 2000 LEADER AFRIQUE SECURITE BP 141 Douala Arrêté N° AR 000931/AR/MINMIDT/SG/DI/onh du 07 Août 2017
63 SOPRAT BP 12963 Yaoundé Arrêté N°008260/MINMIDT/SG/DI/SDRI/SAP du 10 août 2017
64 TOUMBI SAFETY BP 11871Yaoundé Arrêté N‘001663/MINMIDT/SG/SDRI/SAP du 09 mars 2015


In liaison with the administrations and public and private organizations concerned, ANOR's mission is to 
contribute to the development and implementation of government policy in the field of standardization and quality
 in Cameroon. To this end, it is responsible for: the development and certification of standards; certification 
of standards compliance; promoting standards and the quality approach to public administrations, parastatals and 
private sector organizations; monitoring of cooperation with international bodies and specialized committees in 
the fields of standardization and quality; conducting standardization and proposal development studies on 
measures to improve the quality of products and services and compliance with standards; dissemination of 
information and documentation on standards and quality; any other missions that may be entrusted to it by the
 government, in the field of standards and quality.

ANOR plays a leading role in the development of a quality infrastructure adapted to Cameroon's ambitions and 
provides a foundation for excellence in political, economic, social and cultural matters. It is a standardization
 tool and platform that will allow the integration of the culture of quality into our society.


China WTO Africa Affairs Committee is a professional organization under the administration of Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and China Society for World Trade Organization Studies to study the economy and trade between China and Africa with experts in the field of African issues. China WTO Africa Affairs Committee hold expert symposium at regular intervals to discuss the économie and trade issues between China and Africa, to provide theory evidence and reasonable suggestion for Chinese government and enterprises. With the aims of the China Society for World Trade Organization Studies, China WTO Africa Affairs Committee endeavors to promote Chinese enterprises to take an active part in the international compétition and play an active and constructive rôle in the process of improve multilatéral trade System.


The National Investment Company of Cameroon (SNI), a public company with the State as sole shareholder, aims at 
the mobilization and orientation of national savings and other national and international financial means. 
In view of its many facets, the SNI is positioned in the Cameroonian environment as: a society that supports all 
the strategies and policies of the Cameroonian government in economic, industrial and social, but whose operating
 rules are those of a anonimous society. In addition, it is subject to common law obligations; a venture capital
 company that acquires equity stakes in new or existing businesses with good commercial and financial prospects; 
a promoter of productive projects who initiates projects, studies them, establishes them in joint venture with 
technical, financial or commercial, national or international partners previously identified; a financier who 
supports economically viable and financially profitable projects by granting loans and / or advances to 
shareholders' current accounts; an instrument of support to the private sector and a facilitator who welcomes 
and assists investors, the technical and financial partners who request it, in the implementation of their 

The National Investment Company intends to position itself as the reference in terms of wealth creation for the 
economic development of Cameroon.

It is in this perspective that in recent years it has embarked on a vast process of reviving, diversifying and
 modernizing its activities. This process started in September 2003 was consolidated by the development of the 
Corporate Plan of the SNI for the period 2005-2010. It is a management instrument designed to guide all the 
company's actions over a period of five (05) years and ultimately aiming to position the SNI at the heart of all
 investment activities in Cameroon.

To stimulate this new founding momentum, a strong option was taken in favor of the redefinition of the corporate 
identity of the SNI which resulted in the reprofiling of a new Visual Identity compliant: to the entrepreneurial
 vision of the SNI, which is that of "positioning itself as the reference in terms of wealth creation for the 
economic development of Cameroon"; SNI's statutory mission of "promoting high-yielding productive investment 
operations in all sectors of national and international economic activity