Sun. Apr 18th, 2021




Cameroon and Namibia are planning to cooperate in the mining sector. In that regard, on February 20, 2018, Ernest Gbwaboubou, Cameroon’s minister of mines received in audience Shipoh Peingeon Djabi Titus, High Commissioner-designate of the Republic of Namibia (with residence in Abuja, Nigeria) in Cameroon.

The objective of this hearing was to make contact between the Namibian Diplomat and MINMIDT with a view to setting up bilateral collaboration platforms in the mining, industry and technological development sectors. These platforms could lead Cameroonian officials to visit Namibia to discover activities in the sector and vice versa”, the minister of mines reveals. Ernest Gbwaboubou explained that his ministry was ready to cooperate with “this brother country”.

Cameroon could gain a lot from this collaboration with Namibia whose mining sector is strong. For example, during Q2 2017 when Namibia‘s economic growth was negative, the Namibian chamber of mines indicated that the mining sector was one of the two sectors which performed well with 25.8%. On a year to year basis, during Q2 2016, the same sector grew by 19.4%.

Paradoxically, Cameroon which has Africa’s largest nickel, cobalt, iron, rutile, diamond and uranium deposit reserves and also the second largest bauxite reserve in the continent, has only  explored 40% of its mining potential.