Fri. May 7th, 2021


Ministry of Mines is responsible for survey and exploration of all minerals,CEMAC Permit,Licenses and other than natural
gases, petroleum and atomic minerals, for mining and metallurgy of non-ferrous metals like aluminium, copper, zinc, lead,
gold, nickel, etc. and for administration of the Mines and Minerals (Regulation and Development) Act, 1957 in respect of
all mines and minerals other than coal, natural gas and petroleum
Mindful of Framework Law No. 96/12 of 5 August 1996 on the management of the environment;Mindful of Law No. 98/15 of 14
July 1998 governing establishments classified as dangerous, unhealthy or obnoxious;Mindful of Law No. 2001/1 of 16 April
2001 to establish the Mining Code;Mindful of Ordinance No. 74/2 of 6 July 1974 to govern State land;Mindful of Decree No.
92/89 of 4 May 1992 to define the duties of the Prime Minister, as amended and supplemented by Decree No. 95/145 of 4
August 1995;Mindful of Decree No. 96/227 of 1 October 1996 to organize the Ministry of Mines, Water Resources and
Power;Mindful of Decree No. 97/205 of 7 December 1997 to organize the Government, as amended and supplemented by Decree No.
98/67 of 28 April 1998;Mindful of Decree No. 97/206 of 7 December 1997 to appoint the Prime Minister