Sun. Apr 18th, 2021

MINISTRY OF MINES CAMEROON NEWS ( Additional Diamonds Discovered in Cameroon)


The directors of Botswana Diamonds plc announced that two additional diamonds have been recovered from the ongoing sampling program on the Libongo palaeoplacer project in Cameroon.

The current exploration program involves collecting a 100 metric ton sample from each of three areas previously found to have palaeoplacer rock in order to ascertain if the rock is diamondiferous.

One of the diamonds, a 0.25 carat near gem quality stone, was recovered from a stream flowing through the sample area. The second, a 1.3 carat industrial quality diamond, was recovered from the crushed sample.

The program is expected to be completed within weeks.

“This is further evidence that our Libongo license ground contains diamond bearing rock similar to that being mined close by, and that this project has the potential to deliver value to our shareholders,” said chairman John Teeling.

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