Fri. May 7th, 2021

MINISTRY OF MINES CAMEROON NEWS (World Bank supports Cameroon Mining Sector)

he World Bank supports Cameroon in improving governance in mining through the launch of the new Project for Capacity Building in the Mining Sector (PRECASEM), the Ministry of Mines said on Friday.


of Industry and Technological Development.This is to promote transparency, development of the sector, the well-being of artisans and the entire chain of actors in the mining sector, areas in which the World Bank has decided to support Cameroon to better organize this sector of production where less than 40% of its mining potential is exploited


Decompiled into several objectives, the PRECASEM puts a stress on the training and the sensitization of the actors of the mining sector which are the craftsmen, the collectors, the semi-mechanized type operators, in order to improve the coordination, the level of the techniques, the formation professional.
It also includes actions to improve the knowledge and management of extractive operations in this case, support for geological research, mapping, rights management and mining operations as well as transparency and accountability in the mining sector.


According to studies, industrial mining is being developed. The activity raises many expectations and at the same time generates numerous conflicts with conservation activities in the name of protecting biodiversity and the environment. other land holdings, particularly for agricultural or agroforestry purposes.
Cameroon has one of the largest deposits in Africa of nickel, cobalt, the second largest reserves of bauxite, iron, rutile, gold, diamonds, and uranium.

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